Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm back

I have been working on more of my BTCT blocks this winter, right now I'm working on block 16 with all the grapes!!! I have just relized only a couple of more blocks need to be printed off and then the border, the end is in site. I'm posting a picture of my finished Southern Gentleman by Fat Cat designs , in which I appliqued a block a month for 16 months, must say I surprised myself .

I feel Spring is finally on it's way in SE Minnesota along the Mississippi River between the beautiful Bluff, although we will propably have some flooding the cool weather has slowed everything down. Here are some pictures of my projects


  1. Your 16 block applique is beautiful! As for the border for BTCT;, I looked at the photo and made a guess. I'm going to use 1" and 3/4" circles. All the info on making them is on the blog.

  2. Hi Bonnie - dropping by for a visit - just saw your update on the BTCT blocks & I added a comment there too. You should post your wonderful floral vase so that we can all see it on the blog!
    This is quite a project for me - very new at applique and this is such a good group - so sharing of ideas and tips. My blocks have mistakes along the way but I am learning. I see you live right next door in Minnesota - so sending greetings from the northwoods of Wisconsin. Come by for a visit to my blog when you have time and again...welcome to our group!